Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions

Glass partition with 8/10/12mm toughened glass and laminated toughened glass with options of swing and sliding doors. Full height partition and half height partitions for commercial & residential layouts. Transparent and opaque overviews can be obtained with sand blasting and acid-etching/3M stickering.

Patch fittings are the glass architectural hardware which revolutionaries frameless toughened glass partition for the office interior and elevation glazing with glass doors and fixed glass.

Fabricated Saint-Gobain toughened glasses of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 19mm thickness clear and extra clear glasses. Colour tinted toughened glasses of blue, brown and grey shades. Laminated glasses of various thickness specifications. Milk white glass and paint back toughened glass. All the glasses with value added service of fabricating exclusively for interior and exterior concepts based on proposed designs. All the joints and corners of the toughened glasses are packed with silicon sealants of various colors like white, black or clear.

Types of Frameless Glass Wall Partitions

frameless glass partitions concepts

Top and Bottom Patch Fittings

Patch fitting hardware like corner connector and side connectors used both on top and bottom of the partition toughened glass.

Top Patch Fittings & Bottom Insert

Patch fittings hardware like corner connectors and side connectors used only on the top of the partition toughened glass and bottom inserted in to the floor about 15 to 30mm.This can be also done with aluminum profile of 12mm depth which will not be visible.

frameless glass partitions concepts
Glass hardware

Glass Doors with Over Panel

Glass doors above standard size of the height is filled with fixed glass over the door called over panel glass. various hadware design options available to suit the purpose like over panel patch,3way connectore and more.

Patch Fittings Double Leaf Doors

Main entrance with double leaf frameless doors with over panel glass or without over panel glass.

Glass Doors
Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors for the partition with manual sliding mechanism and floor guide to serve the purpose at both interior and exterior partitions. Glass thickness can 8mm/10mm/12mm toughened glass with door nob of various designs.

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