These days showers are an essential part of the bathroom. Followed by showers, another thing that is becoming trendy in the modern bathroom is known as shower enclosures, which separates the dry area from the wet area. Installing a shower enclosure is a good deal, but you must consider few things before you are into buying.

Shower Enclosures

Space – Space is the main concern for installing a shower enclosure. If the bathroom is spacious, then you have a variety of choices, like a separate cabinet. But if your space is limited, you have to install a corner shower.

Style – Glass Decors offers an array of styles in shower enclosures. You can check out the various styles which will be well suited for your bathroom. Our top-end styles are 90 Degree Shower, 180 Degree Shower, 135 Degree Shower, Sliding Shower Partitions.

Sliding Door Shower – If your bathroom is small, the sliding door shower is the best bet for you. The sliding door offers the comfort of using two showering techniques without worrying about water spilling out.

Material – Shower enclosures/bathroom partitions come in different materials, such as glass, plastic and thick waterproof fabrics for shower screens. Due to the regular contact with water, you have to decide the size, colour, etc., according to your need.

Price – The budget is not the same for everyone. You have to choose the best shower enclosure suiting your budget and bathroom needs. Glass Decors offers you a huge variety of styles, so it is not a big deal for you about the budget.

Hope these tips will save your time and streamline the decision-making process.

Our shower enclosure is engineered with precision and can be customized in order to match the size and requirement of your bathroom space. Always remember that a shower enclosure adds to the aesthetic appearance of the area so it has to be well matched to the bathroom’s colour scheme besides the others features.